Back to Life, Back to Reality

Hello! Happy May! It certainly has been awhile and wow, does time ever fly. I haven’t been consistently updating in a few months now, but I totally have a good excuse… I was in Japan! I spent some time in Tokyo, Nara, and Osaka and am excited to find the time to start doing some recap posts about the things I did there, as well as share my Hobonichi from the last two months.

The highlight of the trip was that I got to go with my little sister. Though I have been to Japan many times, I usually go by myself and meet friends there. My sister was an integral part of getting into Japanese culture when we were kids, we both loved watching anime together and admiring their culture from afar. I always really wanted to help bring her over and show her the parts of the country I have fallen in love with and I finally had the opportunity to in March. Successfully, she loved Japan just as much as I do! Though our mom took us traveling a lot to Europe and back as kids, this was our first time going overseas together on our own. It was certainly not without bumps in the road (she’s vegan, so finding places to eat was often difficult/confusing haha) but we both had a great time.

Thank you to Yulia for the photos in this entry of a (very cold) morning spent in Harajuku. Last year I met Yulia doing an Airbnb experience. I feel lucky to have made a friend out of her!

Back to Life, Back to Reality
Back to Life, Back to Reality
Back to Life, Back to Reality
Back to Life, Back to Reality

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