July–December 2018 Hobonichi Flipthrough

Hello! It’s already been three months since my last post, that’s crazy. The last few months have been for my own self-discovery. I felt I was spending too much time online especially on social media, and there wasn’t enough of “me” happening out in the real world. I met with a good friend in November that I hadn’t seen in ages, and told him that the reason I’d disappeared was because I was off trying to ‘find myself’. He asked ‘what did you find?’ Unfortunately, I still didn’t have a good answer.

Soon after, I went to New York City alone, taking in the craziness of the city and getting lost while finding my calling. What I’ve found is that I’ve always known who I was, I just never knew how to tie it all together. I am a creative, but that term stems into so many different areas to the point where the label is almost meaningless.

Now when someone asks, ‘what did you find?’, I can say that I’ve found that there is a purpose in what I do. The work I create, whether it’s my illustration or my journaling, is all about finding positivity in dark spaces. My goal in life: I want to make people’s days brighter.

So what else did I do with my three months? Well, for starters:

  • Went to my hometown to celebrate Christmas with my family
  • Started a new weight loss regime, I lost 10 pounds in January!
  • Finally created my illustration portfolio
  • Went pescatarian for my New Year’s resolution, I slipped on one meal, but have been faithful for a whole month otherwise!

Needless to say, I’ve been a bit busy! But I’ve still been journaling every day, for myself. Truthfully, I thought I wasn’t going to come back to putting my videos on YouTube, but I can’t spread positivity just keeping it all to myself. Here’s my flipthrough for my 2018 Hobonichi (just July to December!). It was my first time actually finishing a Hobonichi, and I’m looking forward to 2019 being the year where I complete an entire year’s worth.

January flipthrough also coming later this week!

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