My First Week With The Traveler’s Notebook

Recently, I fell in love with the Midori Traveler’s Notebook. I determined after setting my journal up, that I would take it everywhere and anywhere to encourage myself to be more thoughtful and creative. So how did it go? Here is my first week with the Traveler’s Notebook, and how I incorporate it into my journaling routine.

Day 1

I bought my Traveler’s Notebook haul from LoFT and everything at once definitely cost a pretty penny! The cover is not cheap, but thankfully the inserts aren’t terribly priced. I bought the regular size in blue, and for inserts I purchased the kraft file, a zipper case, sectioning bands, grid paper, blank paper, and ruled line paper. I also bought some Pottering Cat charms for embellishment to help keep it cute, but hold true to the more sophisticated and elegant nature of the journal.

I knew there were specific things I wanted to use each insert for: grid paper for daily use, ruled paper for Japanese notes, and the blank paper for on-the-go scrapbooking. Because I already use Hobonichi for daily logging, I didn’t want my Traveler’s Notebook to be strapped to any dates, which is why I didn’t purchase anymore daily/weekly calendar inserts. My Traveler’s Notebook was to serve a specific purpose to me: to come with me every single day, so that I never miss an opportunity to write down something I learn or want to remember.

On day 1, I spent the day setting it up and customizing it to suit me. I wanted to do my best to keep my Traveler’s Notebook true to the Midori aesthetic and tried to use mostly natural colors/patterns in my stationery choices to compliment the journal. Check out my video for the full setup!

My First Week With The Traveler's Notebook
My First Week With The Traveler's Notebook

Day 2

I struggle a lot with keeping things pristine. I hate things getting dirty or scratched up, but the Traveler’s Notebook prides itself that it wears down as you travel with it. Having a bit of a runny nose the last few days, I accidentally dropped a used tissue on the cover and it left a smear on the back cover that I can’t get off. Well, I guess I can say it’s truly mine now.

Day 3

I took my journal to work with me, but was pretty sick and ended up having to go home early. I took a moment to write down my gratitude for my understanding co-workers in my journal, albeit a bit shakily as the train does not provide a very steady writing surface. It was an opportunity I was thankful for, as these memories can often be fleeting and easily forgotten. With my Traveler’s Notebook, it feels like I will end up remembering more tiny events throughout life that made me happy.

Day 4

My Traveler’s Notebook is going on it’s first trip away from home… to visit my parents! I took the opportunity to do some journaling on the train, though it was bit of a difficult experience in trying to write while on the train. So Traveler’s Notebook + moving vehicle? Would not recommend, and will probably try to work around journaling on the train in the future.

My First Week With The Traveler's Notebook
My First Week With The Traveler's Notebook

Day 5

While actually visiting my parents, I found that I didn’t really have time to journal. I found it difficult to take an opportune time to sit down and make a point to visit my journal, and started to wonder how anyone finds the time to visit their Traveler’s Notebook while actually traveling! My trips are usually too jampacked to find the time to unwind, and not having my abundant stationery collection with me also had me lacking inspiration (I love decorating pages, haha). If nothing else, it prepared me for having to bulk up my stationery travel pack so that I can feel free to create to my liking no matter where I am.

Day 6

On the way home from my parents, I had some downtime in the train station to do some writing as well as do some Japanese studying. Having my journal made the wait before my train departure way shorter, and if I hadn’t had my journal with me, the time would have spent longer and I probably would have just been bored on my phone while I waited. Thanks to having my journal with me, I felt that I utilized the free time more and learned some new Japanese grammar. When I got back home, I brightened up the pages with more stickers and tape from my collection, although along the way I’ve somewhat betrayed my idea to stick to the Midori elegant-vintage aesthetic. I suppose it’s nobody’s journal but my own, and more than anything I want it to fill me with happiness. And that means lots of colorful stickers!

My First Week With The Traveler's Notebook
My First Week With The Traveler's Notebook

Day 7

Having the opportunity back at my own stationery collection, I decided to spruce up my journal and add a bunch of sticker sheets and masking tape samples to the pockets, as I had sorely missed having the ability to customize my journal while on the go. I also made some notes of the trip to see my parents and made sure to log items that I wanted to remember.


My initial takeaway with the Traveler’s Notebook was that it was an incredibly convenient way to accomplish my goal of writing more and having a way to be productive during various downtime that I have. Since I first took my Traveler’s Notebook on the go (this post is about a month overdue, haha), I actually haven’t been taking it out as much and am now using it for book notes and Japanese studying while I’m not on the go. When I do take trips, I take it with me since I find those opportunities are ones where I feel inundated with nothing to do between waiting for planes and trains to depart.

Overall, I feel the Traveler’s Notebook is a great addition to my journaling routine, and absolutely love how unrestricted it feels to use. I can’t wait to discover how it evolves with more travels and time! I’ll be sure to share my journal again when it’s a little more filled up.

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