Tutorial: How To Set Up Maco, The Masking Tape Dispenser!

The Maco masking tape dispenser is a bit tricky to get the hang of, especially if you don’t know how to read the Japanese instructions on the back. Here is a tutorial on how to use the device, including a video at the end!


First, unpackage the Maco. You should have the long main component, 5 small brown pieces, and the dial-type piece. Using the dial and a brown piece, slide the brown piece onto the shaft of the dial and attach the white dial on top to trap it. The white piece does not click into place, as such you need to hold both dials while you add the tape.

Pull off enough masking tape to wrap around the brown piece enough for it to have a hold. Then, squeeze the piece in between your thumb and index finger – it should look like you’re making the OK hand gesture. Using the empty circle your thumb and index finger make when pressed together, spin the masking tape 360 degrees with your free hand around the brown piece. You should add enough that it becomes about as wide as the dial.

Pull off the white dial, and slide the new masking tape piece out. Pull off the top of the Maco (where the string is attached), and slide the masking tape piece down the barrel. There is no rod to slide it down on, instead you pull out a bit of tape to affix to where the cutting happens. Magically, the Maco manages to hold the tape in place!

Repeat the process of adding tape to the brown pieces four more times. Three of these will fit in your Maco, the final piece will go in the colored base of your Maco along with the dial for safe storage. The final piece can be used for if you run out on-the-go.

Please watch the video if you work better with visuals!

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