Stationery Sample Shop Now Open!

One might not be surprised to learn I have way too much stationery. I import 95% of my stationery from Japan, which is both expensive and unreasonable since I have way more than I could ever hope to get through myself.

Last night I got to thinking… how can I destash some of the stuff I really don’t use? I did some hunting, and it looks like selling samples on Etsy is a pretty reasonable way to go. Who knew?

Putting samples up for sale helps me destash and allows me to buy more stationery that we can share, right? So essentially it’s just an incredibly vicious cycle, but at least it’s a fun and cute and happy one.

Enough rambling…

jacimoe store is open for business!

Unfortunately only for United States customers, as even shipping the smallest of packages overseas is terribly expensive. If you’re American, please come buy some of my stuff! My limited desk space is begging you.

That’s all for now, I promise a real blog post is coming… soon.

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