Rainbowholic Patreon Rewards Review & Journal With Me

Yesterday, I received my Rainbowholic Patreon rewards in the mail and filmed a little unboxing since I was so excited to receive it. You can check it out below!

To reiterate what I said in the video, I’ve really enjoyed being a patron of Kaila’s. I constantly find her a source of inspiration towards leaving a more positive life, and I have her to thank for her exposing me to kawaii journaling which has become one of my more passionate hobbies. Some things I didn’t mention in the video is that I admire how openly transparent she is with all of her patrons. Some other Patreons I’ve tried are very fuzzy on the details about where your hard-earned money is going, with Kaila’s Patreon I feel at ease knowing why she’s asking for money and what she’s doing with it. There are constantly updates about the status of physical rewards so that we’re not left hanging, and it’s little things like that that make the community so rewarding and trustworthy to me.

Additionally, I filmed a little Journal With Me video using most of what I received in my rewards package.

All these videos… I feel quite productive! And have been learning a lot about videos since it’s something totally new to me. I get a little bit faster with each one! Woohoo!

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