LoFT + Traveler’s Factory Stationery Haul & My New Hanko!

The other day I got to thinking, it’s been a long time (like a week) since I treated myself to any new Japanese stationery. I sought out to change that, since I really needed some Autumn stationery for my Hobonichi spreads! I got a great deal of stuff from LoFT that I totally didn’t need, and I also got some stuff from Traveler’s Factory to take my Traveler’s Notebook to the next level.

Finally, I got a fun little hanko done! This isn’t a real hanko that you can sign official documents with, which don’t allow any illustration. This is more for fun things like labeling stuff that belongs to you, or signing your name after writing a letter to your friends.

Watch the video below for my haul and how I use my new stuff in my journals!

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