Staying on Track with a Goals Journal

Last year, I received a little A6 Buncobon Notebook in a ZenPop subscription box, but never found a really good use for it. Last weekend, I decided to turn it into a little “goals” journal to keep track of my Life Progress! I know it sounds a bit silly, but sometimes it feels good to write down what I’m working toward.

Not to get too real, but I am someone that has dealt with mood swings and depression in the past, and to this day it is still something I struggle with handling. There are times where I have hopeless spells despite the fact that I am incredibly blessed to have dealt with few hardships in life that weren’t inflicted onto me by my own mental health, but when those hard days come in like a storm it can be difficult to remember that I have a lot to be thankful for and that there are people that care about me.

The therapy I turn to is journaling. I love benchmarks of personal growth and as someone who is obsessively learning new skills all the time, I like to log my (attainable!) goals into this book so that when I am having a difficult mental health day, that I have something to turn to to remind myself that there’s still a lot of stuff left I want to do, in order to become the best version of myself.

Below are some snaps from my journal, I have omitted a few pages for privacy like financial and travel goals, as well as a list of treasured memories that I never want to forget. Hopefully from the few pictures I’ve shared, you get the general gist!

Staying on Track with a Goals Journal
Staying on Track with a Goals Journal
Staying on Track with a Goals Journal
Staying on Track with a Goals Journal
Staying on Track with a Goals Journal

Wish me luck in all my future endeavors, and I wish all the best to you in yours as well.

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