Live SheehWAVE Recording Recap!

I love Osomatsu-san and I jumped at the chance to see a live recording of SheehWAVE held in the beautiful Ebisu Garden Place Tower. I actually have so few pictures from this outing, because I was so nervous and excited!!

SheehWAVE is Osomatsu-san‘s radio program that was broadcast weekly after the show. It’s hosted by Kenichi Suzumura, the voice of Iyami, and every week has cast from the show talking about that week’s episode as well as some other little anecdotes from behind the scenes of the series. This week’s episode was with Momoko Saitou (voice of Hatabou) and Jun Fukuyama (voice of Ichimatsu). I love Jun Fukuyama so much that the instant I found out I won the lottery to attend I was in a constant state of excitement. And nervous for whatever reason, despite just seeing him at AnimeJapan.

So after waiting in line for a bit, we finally entered and had to provide ID to be allowed in. I think this is a great way to circumvent people who would sell tickets, but there were also a fair amount of empty seats which I really felt was too bad. After checking in, I drew a ticket from a box to see what seat I would end up in. I was in row K… which was pretty close to the last row… so my luck failed me there. But it didn’t really matter much, I could still see the actors faces perfectly.

Unfortunately there were no photos allowed inside, but the whole program was so wild that I don’t know when I would have even had an opportunity to take photos. Seeing the behind the scenes aspect to how the radio programs was so fascinating, and there was plenty of chatter between commercial breaks. Momoko Saitou in particular was so funny and had Jun literally falling off his chair more than once in pain from laughing. The atmosphere was so jovial and special, and for 90 minutes I really couldn’t stop smiling.

Live SheehWAVE Recording Recap!e

Some quick notes of items I particularly enjoyed from the show:

  • Jun ripping on Hiroshi Kamiya pretty badly by saying Hiroshi is a lot like Choromatsu
  • Jun saying his favorite brother after Ichimatsu is Osomatsu… we have the same favs!!!
  • Me finally seeing the light in how beautiful Kenichi Suzumura is, wow
  • Kenichi and Jun opened the show with their ikemen voices and it naturally went over quite well on the audience of 99.9% women
  • During an AV failure, a robotic voice in English from the machine said “audio on mute” and Jun thought that sounded a lot like “Irino Miyu” (voice of Todomatsu)… he thought it was the funniest thing in the world and laughed forever about it

When I left, I couldn’t stop beaming and walked to the train feeling so euphoric. The experience was immensely special and was the perfect way to end Osomatsu-san‘s run (for now, I hope?!). Just in case they’re reading my English blog (lol), thank you Jun, Momoko, and Kenichi for a wonderful time!

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