New Bloom

On April 18th, 2016, I started This post is more or less the cutting of the ribbon, an introduction to a website that I’m not really sure what will manifest into. I’ve often thought that the quietest people have the loudest minds, and find myself to be a perfect example of that idea. There are many times where I sit, quietly, refreshing the same social media sites 20 times and think, I wish I was writing right now. But what would I write? Where would I put? And who would read it? I’ve learned to care less about the latter, but the former questions remain: what’s a girl to do when my thoughts come out faster than my hand can write them – but the OCD part of me has no significant space to sort away a typed out stream of consciousness?

So here they will live. No rules or constraints, whatever I want to put here, I will. I am excited to see what a bizarre world ends up being. I think nobody will really care for it but me, and I’m completely at peace with that.

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